Hauler Charges

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The SMSTurbo Hauling feature is part of the SMSTurbo Accounting option.  Hauling is for the QuickBooks Accounting Interface feature.  It allows you to create AP bills for haulers to be paid in QuickBooks.

This feature is an SMSTurbo Add on and available with the SMSTurbo Billing Option.  See SMSTurbo Options to verify if the Interface option is enabled.

Please contact SMSTurbo Sales for more information on obtaining the Hauling feature in SMSTurbo.

Haulers can be set up in SMSTurbo.  The Accounting, Hauling interface will create an AP Vendor invoice in QuickBooks.

To set up a Hauler go to:

You would then assign a TRUCK ID to this hauler.

Scenario:  Your Company hired Big Haul Trucking to bring material into your facility.  The material is coming from Peter's Disposal.  When Truck ID BIGHAUL25 is used, the Customer will default to PETER.

Customer PETER’s order looks like this:

PETER will be invoiced for MIXCD at $110/ton.  PETER will also be invoiced a delivery flat rate of $200. The cost your company will pay Big Haul Trucking will be $150.  The Hauling charge will be brought over to QuickBooks as an AP invoice, payable to Big Haul Trucking.  You will not see the Hauler cost on the ticket, this information is saved behind the scene and will be interfaced with QuickBooks through the Accounting, Hauling process.

Creating AP invoice in QuickBooks for Hauler

You will need to set up the Vendor in QuickBooks before you create an AP invoice from SMSTurbo to QuickBooks.

Enter the AP GL account number in QuickBooks.

Enter the AP Expense GL account number in QuickBooks.

Click Save

To start the Hauling Bill process, go to

A dialog message will appear showing the number of transaction(s) recorded in QuickBooks.

AP Bill in QuickBooks for Big Haul Trucking Company for $150.00