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Export Tickets is used to add the tickets from this database to another database.  Example: a remote scale site sends a week's export of the tickets to the office site for billing.

Choose Export by Number or Date of Ticket. Note: Tickets exported can overlap the previous export without causing errors.

Set the path to a location on the computer or network and give it a unique name. Often adding the date within the file name will help.

Check the box for "Do not compress export file" if you do not wish to compress the file to reduce its size for transport.

Check the  box to enable custom converter from CIS.

Select "Do mot mark tickets as Exported" if you wish the tickets not to be marked with this and still open to being edited after the export is done.

Click on the Export Tickets button and watch the export status area for progress.

will appear when export is successful. Click OK

Once these tickets are exported the SMS user will see a label applied to the right side of the

main ticket view indicating the ticket has been exported.

(NOTE: Once a ticket has been marked as "Exported" no further editing will be allowed on that ticket!!  If the ticket is then imported to another SMS database, users on THAT database will be able to edit the ticket per normal editing restrictions)