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This Export Other Data utility allows the export of the following data files:


Set the path to a location on the computer or network and give it a unique name. Often adding the date within the file name will help. The Suppress "No Data to Export" messages will suppress those messages when that item has no data to export.

Select one or more of the Standard or Custom exports. (Custom exports will only be available if created. Contact CIS).

Choose File and Path button

The data will be exported to one of two file formats. csv file. (Comma Separated Value file) loadable into Microsoft Excel,

or .xml (Extensible Markup Language). Exporting to .xml will allow the file to be imported by another SMSTurbo client,

into another SMSTurbo database. This feature is most often used with 1. Importing customer accounts, trucks ect. from

a remote location, or 2. SMSTurbo users running the multi site option also wishing to synchronize data. Browse to

the location of where you wish to save your export file.

Click the Export selected items button.

 will appear when export is successful.  Click OK