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The SMSTurbo Escrow feature is part of the SMSTurbo Accounting option.  Escrow allows customers to place moneys on account (prepayments) assigned to an order and set a minimum and warning points  When monies are added to a customer's account, the total of each ticket using the escrow order is subtracted from the Escrow order.  The customer account status MUST be set as OK on the customer maintenance page to create an escrow order.

This feature is an SMSTurbo Add On and available with the SMSTurbo Billing Option.  See SMSTurbo Options to verify if the Escrow option is enabled.  Please contact SMSTurbo Sales for more information on obtaining the Escrow feature.

Customer Escrow Payments

Customers may prepay for a service provided by your company.  You can set up this prepayment and track the running balance as tickets are created.  Statements can be generated as well.  SMSTurbo has a field in the Customer Order screen called Escrow Order.  You must first set up a Customer Order for this service and check off Escrow Order in the Order screen.  You can set a minimum of an escrow balance to create a ticket and a warning amount that will display messages on the ticket screen when the Customer reaches these amounts.  The warning amount should be set higher than the minimum amount.  

To record the Escrow payment go to


If you need to Void an Escrow payment, FIRST click the Payments  Icon and double click the payment you want to Void.  The Escrow screen will then display the information.  Click the Void button.  SMSTurbo will display the following dialog box.

The List icon will List all Customers with Escrow Payments.  The Statements     Icon will display the running balance of a Customers' Escrow.


It is recommended that the Order Number Required chckbox in Utilities, configuration, SMSTurbo, General, General1 tab be

selected to ensure SMS operators are forced to use the customer's  escrow order!

As tickets are created using the Order ID, the running balance will display on each ticket and the word Escrow appears by the Received comment.

Sample of Statement

Sample of ticket below minimum requirement, weigh master can answer Yes or No to Continue.