E-Seek License Reader

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E-Seek License Reader

The E-Seek  license reader is an electronic card reader  that pulls license data which can be scanned into a new ticket.

Information may include the Customer ID and or the Truck ID associated with that customer OR Customer ID associated with that Truck ID.

A simple scan of the card automatically populates the blank ticket. Certain E-Seek operations may require later SMS versions.

We have supported the E-Seek Model 250 scanner through various product versions.


The E-Seek uses an available com port on the user's ticketing station.  This com port will appear in Device Manager in control panel.

1. A device driver for the E-Seek will need to be loaded. such as CDM20600.

SMSTurbo V10  Installation

To setup the E-Seek model 250 license scanner in SMSTurbo V10 perform the following:

On the customer's machine determine if the scanner is currently plugged into the USB port.

Navigate to Control Panel, Device Manager and determine if there is a com port listed for it under Ports (COM & LPT).

If the com port appears to be listed there, make sure the latest driver is installed for it there.

1. Load the driver for the Eseek.

Obtain the E-Seek driver for the reader.

Copy the driver software over to the user's desktop.  

In Device Manager, select properties by right clicking on the com port entry.  Click on the Driver tab.

Select the button for "Update Driver". Then select "Browse my computer for Driver software"

Browse to the user's desktop and select the folder you copied over.

It should then load the driver OR tell you the driver software is up to date.

2. Run SMS ComWedge under Utilities, Configuration, SMSTurbo, ComWedge.

Determine which scale they have selected in SMSTurbo when they create a ticket.

Keep in mind they could have ScaleALL selected. Select this scale next to "Choose Scale Number to Configure"

Under "Reader Mode", select the button for "License Scan E-Seek"

Under the tab "License Mode Settings" take the defaults.

Under the tab " RFID/Serial Mode Settings" take the defaults.

Under the tab for "Com Port Settings", select the com port the scanner is on and the paramters shown

under properties for the port in Device Manager. Usually this is "Com X, Baud: 9600, Parity: None, Stop Bits: One, Data Bits: 8