Duplicate Orders

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                                                                   DUPLICATE ORDERS ADDON

Similar to the Rates Editor Tool is the Duplicate Orders Tool available under

the Addons pull down menu.  The Duplicate Orders Addon has to be enabled via the Plugin Manager Tool under

Utilities, Plugin Manager. Select Addons, DuplicateOrders.  You should see this screen:

Select Choose a Customer/Vendor on the upper right who has an order you wish to duplicate.

Select your customer/vendor and hit the green check mark at the bottom.

the customer will be selected. Now choose an order with or without rates

Select your order and the rates assigned will populate in the "Rates" window.

Select Choose a customer.. (Vendor) from the right side of the window to assign this order to.

Enter a new order ID number for this copied order. Hitting the # sign will label the order the next available

order ID number.  Create a description for this order. The old description for the order is placed there by default.

Set a value for the  Order1 UDF and Order2 UDF that you will see on the maintain orders screen once the order is created.

These 2 UDFS could have been renamed via the SMSTurbo Utilities, Configuration., SMSTurbo, Field Labels.

We want our 2 rates to get copied over as well so we check the box for Copy Rates to new order.

Select the Copy Order! green checkmark button.  You should see:

Navigate to the Maintain Vendor screen for CroneyMax, Select the Order tab at the top.

You would see:

Double left click on that order. the Maintain Order screen will launch for order #8.

Notice that our UDFS were renamed by our user in Field Labels but the values we entered now display

in the blanks for those UDFs.

In our example the user could go on to further modify order values the normal way via this screen.