Dispatch Info

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Maintain Dispatch Info

The Dispatch Info feature allows a new SMSTurbo ticket to auto fill the Truck, Customer, Order, Location and Material by selecting only a single Job # .  See details below on enabling and configuring a Dispatch Info ticket in SMSTurbo.

How to enable Dispatch Info in SMSTurbo Ticketing?

  1. Go to Utilities - Configuration -SMSTurbo - Field Labels window
  2. Enter a text into the Job Field (IE: JOB).

3. click on the lookup button just to the right of the  job: field.

4. Enter the appropriate mask or use the default.

(Note: This mask must have at least the aaaaaaaaa's otherwise the label window created in the

SMS new ticket form window will not allow you to input any data)

5. Save changes

NOTE: This will create a Job field in the SMSTurbo ticket entry screen with the name you assigned to it.

How to Create a New Entry or Change an Existing Dispatch Info?

1. Click on the Trucking - Dispatch Info from the SMSTurbo Trucking tool bar.


2. Fill in the Dispatch Info fields defined below.