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SMSTurbo DISPATCH (Advance Ticketing)

SMSTurbo Dispatch is an option that allows multiple tickets to be entered in advance for future ticketing without a defined truck. This feature saves ticketing entry time when multiple incoming or outgoing loads are coming from or going to the same job or customer.  The Dispatch Option must be enabled in SMSTurbo Options. There are two ways of creating "in process" tickets, use the Customer Order window or the Ticket Entry window.

Creating Dispatch Tickets using Customer Order

Note: In order for dispatch tickets to work the order used must have assigned materials with rates.  If "any material" is selected

on the maintain orders page, the selected materials may be removed and or replaced at ticketing time.  If it is NOT checked

than only the rated materials can be used.

1. Go to Customer, Order and Click the Create Tickets Icon.

2. Use the pull down menu and select Ticket Date/Time (defaults to current date and time).  

3. Enter how many tickets (loads).

4. Enter how many minutes between each load.

5. Click the Load Materials icon and select the material(s).

6. Double click in the Quantity field to enter the per load quantity.  This is not required but entering the quantity per load will display in the remarks box on the dispatch ticket.

7. Click Store Tickets.

In Ticketing, Lookup Dispatch Tickets dated 5/29/15, all four tickets will display for Customer ATEAM.

When Truck is on the scale, double click the dispatch ticket in the Lookup screen, Enter TruckID, Location and Tare weight.

Once Truck gets loaded and back on scale, enter Gross weight and Store ticket.

Creating Dispatch Tickets using the Ticket Entry window

NOTE:  If under Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo - General, the "Only allow trucks on file" option is checked off, you must first go to Trucking and add a Truck ID called DISPATCH.

1. Open the SMSTurbo Ticket Entry window and type the word "DISPATCH" in the truck field.  Do NOT enter any TruckID information at this time, just the word "DISPATCH".  

2. Fill out the remaining ticket information (Customer, Order, Location, Material Details).

3. Click into the ticket date time field at the top of the screen.

4. Modify the ticket date and time to the time when the customer / ticket will become an actual live ticket. Leave the number field blank.

3. Click OK to save the Dispatch ticket.  The ticket is now stored and ready to be pulled up when the truck is on the scale.

Viewing and Accessing a Dispatch Ticket

1. Click the lookup  Icon and the Lookup Ticket window will appear.

2. Change the drop down on the bottom from ALL to DISPATCH.

3. Change the date range to match the date required and the view will change to dispatch tickets in the defined date range.

3. Double click a ticket line and the Dispatch ticket will appear in the SMSTurbo Ticket Entry screen.

4. Add a TruckID into the blank truck field, enter weights and any other required ticket information.

5. Store the ticket.  The ticket is now a live ticket with a ticket number.

NOTE:   If you chose the wrong dispatch ticket, you can enter DISPATCH again in the truck field which will save as the same dispatch ticket.