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Database Size Tool

In Microsoft SQL server Express versions there is a limit to the size of the databases that can be created. In

version MS SQL Server 2008 Express the size limit is 4 gig. In versions Express 2008 R2 up to 2014 the limit

is 10 gigabytes.  Click on the button to read your Express version database size and display it as an amount or a percentage

of what is being used.

Database Size Notification At Start Up

When starting SMSTurbo it will display the below message if the Database size is over a certain percentage of capacity.

If the usage is over 80% of 10 gig then the above message will display the moment that an SMS user logs into SMSTurbo V10.

Select the X in the upper right to close and continue using Turbo with full functionality. If the issue of the database size is not addressed

the SMS user will began to experience performance degradation and eventually not be able to save a ticket.