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The Client data in SAGE100 can be transferred to SMSTurbo Customer data through the SYNCHRONIZATION function.  You can only sync from SAGE100 to SMSTurbo.  

SMSTurbo Customer IDs must match EXACTLY the Client Number in the SAGE100 client file.

If you have existing Customer Accounts in SAGE100 and you wish to copy them over to SMSTurbo, you should do some housekeeping first.  In SAGE100, review the Client List to determine your ACTIVE customer database.  You will only want to bring over current customers.  To make a SAGE100 Client Inactive, go to Client and change Status to 6 – do not accept contract again.  

Ensure all the customer data is complete and accurate (addresses, telephone numbers, contact names, etc.)  Customer IDs in SMSTurbo have a maximum of 15 characters, valid characters are A-Z, 0-9, dash and underscore. No spaces allowed.  If SAGE100 has Customer IDs with invalid characters, make the existing Customer Inactive and set up new customers with valid characters in the Client Number field.  

Make sure you have the correct SAGE100 open.  If SAGE100 is set up with Users and Passwords, the User logged in to perform Synchronizing must have proper authorization.  If access is denied, the User’s authority level will need to be edited.

SMSTurbo (SAGE100 company needs to be open)

The Replace Options on the set up screen lists specific data items you may want to replace in SMSTurbo.  If you recently updated the Clients’ address lines or phone numbers in your SAGE100 database and you only want to update that information in SMSTurbo, you would check off those items in replace options.  Once the SetUp screen is complete, Click the save button and you will return to the Sage 100 Accounting Interface screen.

If you click Yes, there will be two panes of data.  The left screen is data in SMSTurbo and not in SAGE100.  The right screen is the SAGE100 data not in SMSTurbo.  Note the comment above the left pane.  Export SMSTurbo Customers to SAGE100 Contractors NOT supported. You will only be able to export Customers from SAGE100 to SMSTurbo.

The SAGE100 client, Julie Smith, in the sample above was made inactive.  The synchronization will list INACTIVE SAGE100 clients, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the pane and find the Clint Status Ref column and click to sort by this column.  The INACTIVE customers will be grouped together and then you can UNCHECK them so Inactive Customers are not brought over to SMSTurbo.

To finalize the synchronization, click the Check All icon to check off all the SAGE100 Clients and then uncheck Julie Smith, the Inactive Client.  The SMSTurbo Customer listed on the left pane will need to be manually entered in SAGE100.

Click Synchronize when ready.  A confirm import screen will appear, click Yes to continue.

Once the Customers are synchronized to SMSTurbo, another message will appear, Import completed

In the beginning of the synchronization process, when asked do you want to see Missing Customers only?  If you would have clicked No, the output on both sides of the screen would list customers that don’t have an EXACT match (not in sync) between SMSTurbo data and SAGE100.  SMSTurbo WILL NOT Update Existing SAGE100 Customers for security reasons.  You will not be able to check off ANY SMSTurbo Customers listed on the left pane.