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In SMSTurbo

You should have your SAGE50 already open.  The file info box at the top of the Synchronize screen should find the path to your SAGE50.  Two panes are displayed, note the comment above the left pane.  Export SMSTurbo Customers to SAGE50 NOT supported. You will only be able to export Customers from SAGE50 to SMSTurbo.

You can set parameters in the SetUp screen.  If your SAGE50 Customers have Customer Types and you want to bring over only those SAGE50 Customers with a specific Customer Type, you can type that in the Import – Include Customer Types.  The synchronization will list only SAGE50 Customers with that Customer Type.

In the sample above, there are five Customers in SAGE50 with a Customer Type = PROSPECT.  Customer RETAIL is INACTIVE.

The Replace Options on the set up screen lists specific data items you may want to replace in SMSTurbo.  If you recently updated the Customers’ address lines or phone numbers or credit limits in your SAGE50 database and you only want to update that information in SMSTurbo, you would check off those items in replace options.

Once the SetUp screen is complete, Click the save button and you will return to the Sage 50 Accounting Interface screen..

A confirmation screen will appear to confirm you are using the correct company.  Make sure it’s the correct SAGE50 that you want to perform this synchronization on.

A message will appear with a question for your preference view.   Click Yes to continue unless there is a reason to view all details in both databases.

If you click No, the output on both sides of the screen will list customers that don't have an EXACT match (not in sync) between SMSTurbo and SAGE50.  SMSTurbo WILL NOT Update Existing SAGE50 Customers for security reasons.  You will not be able to check off ANY SMSTurbo Customers listed on the left pane even if there are Customers in SMSTurbo.

If you clicked Yes, there will be two panes of data.  The left screen is data in SMSTurbo and not in SAGE50.  The right screen is the SAGE50 data not in SMSTurbo.

The five SAGE50 Customer listed above are the PROSPECT (Customer Type) entered in the Setup screen.  If you use the scroll bar at the bottom of the pane, you can view all the data that will be brought over to SMSTurbo.  You can use the Check All button so all the Customers will be selected.

The synchronization will list INACTIVE SAGE50 customers, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the pane and find the Credit Status column and click to sort by this column.  The INACTIVE customers will be grouped together and then you can UNCHECK them so Inactive Customers are not brought over to SMSTurbo.

Click Synchronize when ready.  A confirmation screen will appear, click Yes to continue.

Once the Customers are synchronized to SMSTurbo, another message will appear, Import completed.

In the procedures of Synchronizing Customers, if you didn't have your SAGE50 open, you will get the following dialog.  Unable to connect due to insufficient authorization.  Click OK and proceed to open SAGE50.

When you open SAGE50, you will get this message

Select "Always allow access" and Click OK

Once this preference is set in SAGE50, you can start the Synchronization process over again.

The Vendors in SAGE50 can be synchronized to SMSTurbo as well.  The Synchronize SetUp options differ but the steps are the same as Customer Synchronization.