Customer Sync

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In SMSTurbo

File Info field – use the lookup button at the right of the field to drill down to the proper .QBW company file.  If the path is unknown, you can enter *.QBW and then use the lookup button.

If this is the first attempt to interface SMSTurbo and QuickBooks, you will get a certificate confirm screen.

If you choose Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open and click Continue, the following dialog will display.

Click Yes

Click Done

Answer No for now so you can get into the SetUp screen

You can set parameters in the SetUp screen.  If your QB Customers have Customer Types and you want to bring over only those QB Customers with a specific Customer Type, you can type that in the Import – Include Customer Types.  The synchronization will list only QuickBooks Customers with that Customer Type.

The Replace Options on the set up screen lists specific data items you may want to replace in SMSTurbo.  If you updated the Customers’ address lines or phone numbers or credit limits in your QB database

and you only wanted to update that information in SMSTurbo, you would check off the items in replace options.

The Export SMSTurbo Customer with status section, if you DON’T want to export INACTIVE SMSTurbo Customers into QuickBooks, you should check off all the other statuses and NOT INACTIVE.

If you have specific Customer Types and/or Customer Jobs in QuickBooks and you want the SMSTurbo Customers exported into QuickBooks to have the Customer Type and/or Customer Job

to be automatically set, enter that Type and/or Job in the Export section of the SetUp screen.

Once the SetUp screen is complete, Click the save button and you will return to the Maintain Customer screen.  Then Click the Synchronize button to start the process.

A confirmation screen will appear to confirm you are using the correct company.  Make sure you have the correct QuickBooks’ company.  Click Yes, to continue.

Next dialog box, show Missing Customers Only?

If you click No, the output on both sides of the screen will list customers that don't have an EXACT match (not in sync) between SMSTurbo and QuickBooks.

SMSTurbo WILL NOT Update Existing QB Customers for security reasons.  

If you clicked Yes, there will be two panes of data.  The left screen is data in SMSTurbo and not in QB.  The right screen is the QB data not in SMSTurbo.  The sample above had only Customers in SMSTurbo, not QuickBooks.

On either pane, you can check off only the Customers you want to transfer or use Check All at the bottom of the screen.  Click Synchronize when ready.

A confirmation screen will appear, click Yes to continue.

Then a dialog will display Export Completed.  

In the procedures of Synchronizing Customers, there was another choice in the Certificate notification.

If you choose Yes, always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running and then click Continue, the dialog below will display.

To fix this error, you will need to go into QuickBooks

Then check off Allow this application to login automatically.

Once this preference is set in QuickBooks, you can start the Synchronization process over again.