Credit Card Setup in SMSTurbo V10

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Credit Card Setup In SMSTurbo V10

In order to enable the capability to use credit cards in SMSTurbo (all versions) certain prerequisites

must be in place.

1. The feature in SMSTurbo called "credit card" must have been purchased and enabled in "utilities",

"view options/keycode" V10.

In SMSTurboV8 its "Help", "about","options" button "Credit card". The feature is either enabled "Y" or disabled "N"

2. The credit card icon in the payment info window will not appear unless the customer has purchased the credit card option from CIS. A supported credit card service provider like Merchant Partners is needed to directly process a credit card  transaction in SMSTurbo. The fauxcc may be loaded to allow credit card transactions to be entered in SMSTurbo, and then processed via another third party credit card application from a credit card service provider.

3. The check box for "allow credit card transactions" under customer maintenance must be checked for that customer.

4. The CC merchant provider's processing software must be loaded locally on the SMSTurbo client, in the actual SMSTurbo folder.

5... This service includes a file which must be loaded into SMS V10 via "utilities", "configuration", "SMSTurbo"

    "add on interfaces", SMSTurbo V10. The First Mile file is MPCC.exe. Xcharge is X_Charge.exe.

   Running MPCC.exe

    a. After loading MPCC.exe in "addon interfaces" you will be prompted to run it. you will be presented with the top

    box in the screen shot below.

    b. If the  wishes to store the the credit card information for each customer once the customer card has been

    used in at least one SMS transaction, they must check the box to "Use Tokens". When they do that they will

    be reminded that the First Mile application needs to have "allow Account on file " enabled in the First Mile software,

    bottom box. Going forward when the user clicks on the credit card payment box under ticket detail certain

    information on the customer will auto populate in that window.

Using the Merchant Partner's Ingenico ISC 250 credit card swipe/reader/signature pad to store signatures.

If the Turbo administrator wishes to do so, and they have an Ingenico 250 swipe reader setup by MP, in addition to loading the MPCC.exe file under credit cards, they can also load the file MPsig.exe on the signature pad line in add on interfaces.

This will pull the signature from the Ingenico pad into the signature box in addition to inputting it for credit card transactions. The customer will not need a Topaz signature pad.

FauxCC Credit card transaction recording tool

I.The file fauxCC.exe may be loaded at the same location to allow the customer to mark the payment in SMS as via credit card

for proper accounting, but will not actually conduct the credit card transaction. The scale operator may then process the transaction

in third party credit card software if they are setup that way.

Below is the fauxCC screen in SMSTurbo V10.  The screen will allow some of the information on the transaction

to be inputed to the ticket to note that a credit card transaction was processed, for the transaction,

via another method.  Enter a number for the card.  A single digit number may be entered to correctly identify

which card is being used by the customer, i.e Visa, Discover ect.

Credit Card entry numbers for Faux interface represent

the starting number that each of the different CC's use.

(i.e All Amex cards start with a 3)





The customer may then enter the last 4 digits of a card or whatever after that.

When the transaction is processed in SMS and sent along to the credit card service provider. They will authorize the transaction

and Turbo gets an authorization code and a Trout ID number. Trout IDs are unique identifying numbers for each credit card.

These two values are stored with the transaction in SMSTurbo.

If a credit card payment needs to be canceled, it can be deleted inside the ticket by clicking on the payment in the payment totals section. To actually refund the customer the payment, it must be refunded inside the credit card processor's software.