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Material Conversions allow users to define specific labels and measurement conversions for materials.  They are accessed from the SMSTurbo Utilities - Conversion window.

See steps below for creating new or to maintain existing Material Conversions in the SMSTurbo database.

NOTE: If the Conversion option described above is not visible, you may not have purchased this SMSTurbo feature. See SMSTurbo Options or contact SMSTurbo Support for more information.

1.  Label is the ID of the Conversion.  

NOTE: Existing Conversions can be edited by typing in the Label ID and pressing Tab on the keyboard.  Or click the Lookup icon to select from a list of existing records.

2. Description is the name of the Conversion.  

3. Enter the Type of Material Conversion

       Weight  - When the material is a weighted material (IE Metric Ton)

       Other -  A non weighted measure (IE Yard)

4. Enter the Conversion factor. The number the Operation with Multiple or Divide from.

5. Enter the Operation to achieve the conversion. (Multiple or Divide)

Use the Save button to store this conversion record.  

Use the Cancel button to discard all changes from the screen.

Use the Delete button to delete the conversion record from the database.  Conversions with existing tickets cannot be deleted.  

SMSTurbo has common Labels already set up for Material Conversions.

Sample of the metric ton conversion.  The ticket's net pound weight (lb) will be divided by 2204.623 to arrive at metric tons.  The Label for metric ton = (t)

Conversion setup on the Material Maintenance screen

If you have a unit of measure in the Utilities - Conversion but multiple materials using this unit of measure with different measurement conversion calculations, the steps below outline the Label set up and how to assign the Materials.

Gallons setup, conversion will take the ticket's net pound weight and divide by 8.  

Two Materials were set up with a unit measure of Gallons, Water and LeadWater.

Water was not assigned a conversion, therefore the conversion will use the Label setup of 8 lbs per gallon of water.

LeadWater unit of measure is Gallons but the conversion was set to 9.25 lbs per gallon of lead water.

Ticket created shows Water and Lead Water at 1,000 lbs converts to 125 gallons of Water and 108.108 gallons of LeadWater.