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Overview of Material COMPONENTS

Components are materials that combine to form other materials.

Each Maintain material screen has a Components tab. Additional materials may be entered on this tab as materials that make up the

parent material. The Components will not figure into any transaction until one of the below scenarios is created.

Mixes and Assemblies

SMSTurbo allows a "mix" or "assembly" to be created in the Materials table. Utilizing this feature will

allow the ticketing agent to select a material on a ticket that will display the components of that material,

and sometimes not the material itself in the ticket detail line.  Two important component combinations

are Mixes and Assemblies which allow unique ticket processing options. When a new category is

created with the format NAME_MIX or NAME_ASM the mix or assembly function is triggered.

Mixes (CONCRETE with the components AGGREGATE and PASTE)

The parent material (Concrete)and its components (Aggregate and Paste) must be created in the Maintain Material screen as weighted

materials.  The parent material (Concrete) is created and the lookup button next to Category: is selected under that material. The user may then create the category (_MIX) if it does not exist, by entering the name on the Category line and hitting tab. Enter other details for the category. Save the category there. Close the Maintain Category window.  Save the parent material, and close the maintain material window.

The maintain material window must be restarted after creating one of these categories in order for it to be available

to the parent material.  Launch the maintain material window and recall the parent material(Concrete). Under Category:, select the category you created(_MIX). Click on the Components tab. Right click and select "insert new" Add the two components created above (Aggregate and Paste) and select their percentage to the parent material. Notice that the percentages can add up to more than %100. Save the component list by hitting the green check mark. The Components and the Category is saved with the parent material.

A Category was named  _MIX for the material named CONCRETE.

Go to the Components tab on the Maintain Material screen.

Right click in the gray area and select Insert New

Two Component IDs were set up, Aggregate and Paste both at 50% of the mixture.

When a ticket is created using CONCRETE as the Material, the components are also recorded.

They will be present on the ticket detail after the ticket is stored, along with the parent item.

The components are not priced regardless of whether the parent item is priced. The ticket will

usually have to be recalled to view these components.


Assemblies are 2 components that are attached together to form the parent material, such as a

bicycle composed of 1, a frame and 2. 2 wheels. An assembly does not reflect the quantity of the components

purchased on the ticket, only the consist of one of the parent items and the quantity of the components

in one of the parent items.  That ticket will NOT show the actual quantity purchased.

Assemblies can only be used with Trucks that have a split weight code of 1.

(In this example a used auto parts supply center sells various auto parts by selling them as

already assembled items such as a used car transmission. The supplier is interested in itemizing

these parts on the SMS ticket).

Do this in exactly the same way as the screen shots above. Just substitute the names.

An example of an assembly our company uses is the (ea) material AUTOTRANSM, which has the components CASESHELL, and INNERCRANKCASE.  We can create a category called  AUTOTRANSM_ASM.  We create 2 new materials with one

called CASESHELL and the other INNERCRANKCASE. We add these materials to the component tab for the material

AUTOTRANSM, which is being defined as being part of the category called AUTOTRANSM_ASM.

To trigger the assembly function, add a category with any name containing the underscore symbol ( _ASM ), such as


Next create 2 materials that will be the components of the AUTOTRANSM material.. Name these

CASESHELL and INNERCRANKCASE. After saving them pull up the material called AUTOTRANSM and add the two materials to the components tab. Save. Re-launch SMSTurbo. Create a ticket and use the material AUTOTRANSM.

The ticket detail line should contain the two components, but not the parent component. The components are priced.