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ComWedge is a tool used in Turbo to allow certain hardware devices to scan information from license scanners (Eseek),

RFID scanners or the like into predefined fields in SMSTurbo tickets and or maintenance screens. The device is associated

with a particular scale where a customer is providing this input and for which the ticket is being created.

Other scale operators would want their scanner to input data to tickets created on their scale.

For Comwedge information specific to the E-Seek license reader please go to E-Seek License Reader

Certain parameters define additional details for how the information will be entered.

License Mode Settings Tab

Use this tab to define input data when scanning driver's licenses.

The "Default Data Settings" will be referenced.

Save Data

Insert New Records as Vendors.

Make Customer/Vendor Tax Exempt

Set Customer/Vendor to Invoice By Order

Return Scan Data on Invalid License-This will allow the SMS user to scan both licenses and RFID cards at the same scale.

Default Customer/Vendor Credit Status:  -Use the dropdown menu to select the different SMSTurbo credit statuses of OK, CASH, HOLD, INAC, STOP

Check the boxes to allow this customer to use cash check or credit card

Add Extended License Fields to the database  Clicking on this button will cause additional fields to appear on the misc tab on

the customer maintenance view which reflect the common data retrieved from a license such as hair color and birth date. These UDFs

appear under Utilities, User Defined Fields, Other UDFs.

Debug Serial Data check box -Run a debugger to troubleshoot the input of your chosen scanner device.

RFID/Serial Mode SettingsTab

      RFID / Serial Reader Settings

Use this tab to define data string input parameters such as the character used by the reader to determine the end of the input data string. (Data Terminator)

Com Port Settings Tab

Use this tab to set the com port being used by the scanner device being used.  Set the matching Baud, Parity, Stop Bits, and Data Bits

being used.

Select the green check mark to save the settings.