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Warning!! Improper use of updating may result in the loss of the ability to run SMSTurbo!  Do NOT perform any update without consulting with your SMSTurbo administrator.

The SMSTurbo Client Update tool is accessed from  Utilities - Check for Updates on the SMSTurbo tool bar. Running the Updates will install the latest SMSTurbo updates onto a single client PC.  The SMSTurbo only installs new files onto the local Client PC. Once a client PC is updated and connects to an SMSTurbo database, the client will then update the database with any updates or changes.  Any other SMSTurbo clients will also need to be updated as well.  Also, after a server has been updated, older clients will be prompted to update their clients to match the server version.

Release notes of all SMSTurbo updates can be found in the link  See details below on how to apply SMSTurbo updates.

NOTE: All SMSTurbo clients and database need to be running the same version of SMSTurbo. Non matching client machines will be prompted to update before logging into the SMSTurbo application.

Launch SMSTurbo Client updater from  Utilities - Check for Updates on the SMSTurbo tool bar.

Click Yes to Continue.

Click Yes to the UAC message below.

Once connected to the SMSTurbo Web update server, the user will be prompted (in green lettering) if updates are available.

Select "Update Files" to apply the update.

Once the file(s) are downloaded from the web server, Click "Apply Update".

Click OK button to Update completed successfully! message and restart the SMSTurbo client to update the SMSTurbo database server.

Restart the SMSTurbo client and login. Click OK to apply updates to SMSTurbo Server. Restart all SMSTurbo client programs and follow the update instructions.