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Material Categories

Material categories allow materials to be placed into a specific group.  Categories are assigned to material in the Material Maintenance screen.

Creating a new Material Category

1.  Enter a Category ID or use the Lookup button   to edit an existing Category.  IDs can be as long as15 characters, letters, numbers, no spaces or special characters.

2.  Enter the Category Name. Up to 30 characters and Press Tab button on keyboard.  

3. Taxable - Check this box if this category of materials is subject to sales tax.

4. Restricted - Check this box if this category of material is required to be paid by check.

5. Direction - Set the direction of the material to Inbound, Outbound, or Unknown.

6. MTC1  & MTC2 -  are user definable text fields.  These  fields can be relabeled via the Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo - Field Labels window.

NOTE: When a Category is assigned to a Material, the Category Taxable, Restricted and Direction choices will redefine the Taxable, Restricted and Direction on the Material.