Bulk Ticket Email

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The Bulk Email feature is accessed by clicking the Bulk Ticket Emailing icon from the SMSTurbo Report Center Window.  

The Bulk Ticket Email feature allows SMSTurbo users to send a group of customer's tickets (in PDF form) in a batch email event.

See Setup and Bulk Email screen below.

NOTE:  See Maintain Customer screen below.  You must first check off the box for Include In Bulk Ticket Email under the Customer Setup.

Launch the  icon forlocated under "Tasks" on the Report Center Home page.

Specify the date range of the tickets being emailed. Include relevant subject and body text to display.

Check the boxes for Only Email Invoiced tickets or Exclude Paid tickets should those be valid options.

If you wish to only email one customer, and do not wish to have to unassign addresses use the

One Time Single Customer Email option to Email ONLY this customer. Select the customer from the drop

down list.

Click on "Start Bulk Email" button.

Observe the results on the status screen.

Your SMTP server will display the success or failure of each address emailed.

Make note of those that fail for possible email address issues.