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                                                                          BACKUP DATABASE TOOL

The Backup command will create a backup copy of the database.  Backups must be run on the database host (server), or

using this command from an SMSTurbo V10 station which is installed on the actual SQL server. If your SQL server does not

have an installed SMSTurbo V10 client on it you will need to run backups from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio on

the server.

SQL Backups are the responsibility of the customer and or their IT support, and are NOT the responsibility

                                                                    of Creative Information Systems!!

Backups are your only defense!!! In the event your SQL server computer experiences some type of hardware failure or Windows operating system failure and cannot be restarted or accessed, it is relatively easy to re-load SQL on another machine and restore your database backup. SMSTurbo V10 clients then just need to be pointed to that server. Tickets created

since the backup would need to be entered onto the system. Keeping a copy of the printed tickets for each day would

allow these to be re-entered.

How often should a backup be performed? A full backup on your SQL SMSTurbo database should be performed once a day at least. The backup contains all the data, transactions, tickets, up to the moment of the backup.  Backups may be run while SMSTurbo is being used, but tickets created at the same time as the backup may not be backed up so its better

to stop use of SMSTurbo V10 while the backup is performed.

Depending on the version of SQL being used it may be possible to schedule jobs in SQL to perform backups on a

schedule outside of business hours (automated backups). Your IT support would need to set this up.

Store your backups at a location which will not be effected by any business disaster, commonly referred to

off site backup storage. A flash drive is a great way to store a backup because its very portable and easy to get the

usually large backup files onto a new computer or location when needed. Keep backups for each day going back

some time.  In some cases if data is lost or changed it may be possible to retrieve that data from an old backup.

The liability and business needs of the customer company should be considered in how long to keep a backup.

Using the Backup Database Tool in SMSTurbo V10

Clicking on the Backup button brings up the backup dialog box.

The Backup information line is looking for the destination for the file.  You can type in the destination or use the button to choose the destination.

 After choosing a destination, click on Backup Now to create the backup.

If you use the same name for the backup file you will get this message. Click YES to continue.

will appear during the backup.

Successful backup will result in this message. Click OK.