Axis IP Camera Setup

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Axis IP Camera Setup

There may be a need to re-install an IP based camera on an SMSTurbo V10 client. If so follow the below steps to setup an Axis IP Camera. You need to have the purchased option IMAGING for this to work.  Other cameras than Axis IP cameras are supported but they must be able to do still image capture.

Setup the cameras first and get them working to be able to send an image to a browser in Windows. Then perform the following.

1.  Obtain the IP cameras IP address and network port  (i.e in this example

    the IP is and the port is 1024), and the login account and password to use the camera.

   1a. Axis provides a utility "IPUtility.exe" which will browse a local network to determine if Axis IP cameras are found

   on that network, including the IP address it might be using. this is very handy for determining what the IP

   address is of an available camera.

2. Run SMSTurbo V10. Go to Utilities, Configuration, SMSTurbo, Addon Interfaces.

3. Select the setup IP Image Capture button. Then Setup IP Cameras.

4.  Select AXIS from the pull down list and enter the IP and port in the format shown above.

5.  Enter the user and password, leave the camera port as 1. Save your changes.

6.  Close the setup IP Cameras window.

7.   Select Setup Ticketing under IP Camera Setup.

8.   Under Setup ticket Cameras use the drop down to select the ticket photo box

     you wish to have the camera display in.  

9.   Check the box next to the installed camera to associate it with that ticket photo box.

10.  Select other boxes you might want that camera to display in, if any, and check those.

11. Exit out of Setup Ticket Cameras.

12.  Setup Unattended  Use this to setup cameras used with SMSTurbo's unattended feature

13. Exit out of IP Camera Setup

14. Back in the Interfaces window under Ticket Screen Imaging Devices. Select

     Built in IP Camera Software in the box you want it to display in.


15.  Under Ticket Detail Screen Imaging Devices. Select the box you want the camera to display

       in if any. Select Built in IT Camera software from the pull down. Select trigger method.

Trigger method Use

16. Hit the drop down next to one of the 4 boxes from Ticket Detail Screen Imaging Devices. Select "manual"

or "automatic" weight.

     If "manual" is selected then the camera shot is taken when the SMS user clicks on the window

     to take the shot.  If "automatic" is selected, as soon as a weight is entered live from the scale or manually

     this camera will take a still image.


17.  Save your changes.

18.  Create a ticket and test the camera in the views you selected.