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Misc Ticket Screen Devices\ Interfaces:

This screen records the inclusion of devices (Signature Pad) or Accounting Interfaces in the system. CIS personnel may enter the proper values.

1. Signature Pad:  -Use the predefined right most box on the main ticket screen to enter and save signatures with tickets.

                                  (More information on setting this up can be found under Topaz Signature Pad and Fingerprint setup)

2. Credit Card:      -Load the credit card providers interface file or the FAUXCC interface. See Credit Card Setup in SMSTurbo V10.

3. Accounting:       -Load the Accounting interface file here. See each accounting section for details on what to load.

4. Cash Drawer:   -Load the interface file for the Cash Drawer utility.

Ticket Screen Imaging Devices

This screen records the type of supported input video devices.  

These include:

1. Built in IP Camera Software -Use this for defined still image IP cameras to capture pictures of trucks, materials, drivers.

2. SMSScanShell -Use with wand scanners

3. SMSScannerSS -Use with ftat bed scanners to input captured documents

4. WIAScan -Use with WIA compliant scanners

5. TopazFP -Use to place a signature pads output here

6. File Dialog  -Use to place a predetermined .jpg or .png picture file. Browse for your selection.  A browse button will be placed in the window

    selected for the user, to select a file.

7. SMSPictures  -This is used by CIS personnel only.

Ticket Detail Screen Imaging Devices

This screen also records the type of supported input video devices and whether they are to be triggered by manual means or a automatic reading.  These are used

on the ticket detail screen.

Setup IP Image Capture (Also see Axis IP Camera Setup for more information on how to do this)

The following screens record the inclusion of camera devices.  CIS personnel will enter the proper values.

Use Save and Close to record changes.

Use Cancel  to Close without recording changes.