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SMSTURBO BILLING - Add Invoice for Non-Ticket Items

If there is a need to invoice a customer for services or other non-ticket items, an invoice can be created through the Accounts-Customer or Accounting-Billing History.

In the Billing History you can scroll up and down through the Customers, the Balance Totals will display for each Customer.

Customer ALLDONE has a credit limit of $1,000 and has gone over his limit by $345.79.  To add a $25.00 over credit limit charge, click the Add Invoice icon.

Lookup and choose Customer ID, Select Invoice Date, Add Description.

Choose what Terms you want this invoice to have.  It defaults to the Terms established in the Customer Maintenance screen.  If the $25.00 is not paid within 30 days of the Invoice date, there will be a 1% finance charge on this $25.00 invoice when Finance Charges are assessed.  If Terms are not set up in the Customer Maintenance, this will default to -0- None.

The More tab is for information purposes.  The only two fields you can change are the Invoice and Discount GL, if you wanted to change the default GL.

The Detail tab needs an entry in order to complete this invoice transaction.

Insert and add Description.  You can have more than one detail line if you need to distribute amounts to more than one GL.

Click OK icon to accept and save Invoice.