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smsturbo Accounting

The SMSTurbo Accounting Interface feature allows for the SMSTurbo application to interface with a variety of accounting software systems.  This is accomplished either by using the Interface purchased option and loading a file under addon interfaces, or performing a File export of data to other packages using the SMSTurbo File export feature.

The Interface feature must be purchased as an SMSTurbo Option. See SMSTurbo Options to verify the Accounting interface option is enabled.  Please contact Creative Information Systems for more information on obtaining this option.

For all accounting packages the SMSTurbo Accounting Interface is defined in the SMSTurbo Utilities - Configuration - SMSTurbo - Addon Interfaces under Misc Ticket Screen Devices\Interfaces "Accounting" field.  Supported accounting packages will have an associated file in the SMSTurbo installed folder. Use the VAFileExport.dll for the File Export feature.

NOTE: For specific help documents, please refer to each of the Accounting Interfaces for instructions and documentation.