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SMSTurbo Customers can be set up with a “CASH” status, meaning they need to pay with Cash, Check and/or Credit Card upon completion of their ticket.  This status will display a warning for the weigh master if they try to finalize the ticket and didn't collect any form of payment.

Please refer to SMSTurbo Ticketing, Insert New Detail Line, Payment Info which will explain how payments are recorded in SMSTurbo.  Through the Accounting, Billing process, the payments received will create a .txt file using FileExport and can then be imported into your Accounting Application to be recorded as Cash Receipts.

In SMSTurbo

The From and To Dates are the first and last day of the Customer Paid Tickets.

The Print Transactions box, when checked, will display the SMSTurbo Cash Receipt invoices which can be printed, saved or emailed as well as creating the data for these Cash Receipts to the .txt file through FileExport.

Click the OK Button to continue the process.

Dialog boxes will appear.

Confirm, Yes

If process is successful, Dialog box will display the number of transactions recorded in the .txt file through FileExport.

Click the OK button in the dialog box

Click the Exit button to close the billing process and exit this area of the program.

You would then use the .txt file to import this data into your Accounting software.