AR Invoice

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The invoice process begins with running the PreBilling Report in the Reporting Center.

The PreBilling report should be checked for accuracy of tickets before performing the Billing.

Go to Accounting - Billing

Leaving the Filter Ranges as shown above, will qualify all Customers, all Orders from all the Material Categories. Select the From and To Dates of the tickets you want invoiced.

The Print Transactions box, when checked, will display the SMSTurbo invoices where you can print, save or email the invoices.

Check the Customer Tickets box to invoice unpaid Customer tickets, assign starting Invoice #.

Customer Paid Tickets, Vendor Tickets and Vendor Paid Tickets are not supported in SMSTurbo Billing.

Zero $ Tickets are tickets where the total is $0.00.  Sometimes used for interdepartmental billing.


Answer, Yes to Generate SMSBilling Invoices from the Customer tickets.

Message will display as to the number of transactions recorded in SMSTurbo Billing, Click OK

Display Transactions? Yes will display Invoices that can be printed, saved or emailed.

Invoices are now in the system under the Billing History.

You can Add an Invoice or Finance Charges or Add Payment with the icons on the bottom right.  You can change Filters as well.