AP Invoice

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If your company has Vendors in SMSTurbo, you will have the ability to interface AP Vendor Invoices and Vendor payments processed in SMSTurbo and record them in QuickBooks.  Through the Accounting, Billing process, Vendor SMSTurbo tickets will become AP Vendor Invoices (Bills) in QuickBooks.  Vendor SMSTurbo tickets Paid Out will become AP Vendor payments (Bill Payments) in QuickBooks.

Here’s a sample of a Vendor ticket:

R594 is a Vendor in SMSTurbo.  When creating a ticket using a Vendor, the ticket will display a “Paid Out” comment, where as a Customer's ticket in SMSTurbo will display a “Received” comment.

To interface these type of tickets into QuickBooks as AP Invoices:

In SMSTurbo

Your Starting Bill # must be beyond the current Bill numbers in QuickBooks.  You should use a starting Bill number outside your QuickBook's bill number range.

This only needs to be assigned on your first billing attempt.  SMSTurbo will keep track of the sequential billing # with each billing process.

The From and To Dates are the first and last day of the Vendor Tickets.

Click the OK Button to continue the process.

Dialog boxes will appear.

Confirm, Yes

Correct company, Yes

If process is successful, Dialog box will display the number of transactions recorded in QuickBooks.

Click the OK Button in the dialog box.

Click the Exit button to close the billing process and exit this area of the program.

Here's a sample of the AP Vendor Invoice (Bill) in QuickBooks